Giving up on OneDrive and Indexing

With the latest rounds of issues with OneDrive, I’ve finally decided to give up (on OneDrive). I’m not sure if it’s a weird plot from Microsoft to get Apple users to move to Windows, but this is ridiculous.

For those interested, OneDrive is causing a kernel panic: Redirecting

One of the reasons I was attracted to OneDrive and forced myself to use DT’s indexing feature is the malware protections offered by OneDrive. Now that I’m not going to be using OneDrive, I’m assuming a combination of Time Machine, backing up, and syncing my DT Databases should give me similar protection?

For those interested in the Malware Protection: Malware and ransomware protection in Microsoft 365 - Microsoft Service Assurance | Microsoft Docs

Another major issue of OneDrive is that Finder tags are not preserved/synchronized and this might affect indexed files too.