Glabal Unread Smart Group

How can I have a Global Unread Smart Group in the sidebar of DT3.

When I tried to create my own smart group it only seems possible on a per Database basis, I want unread across all databases.

Very easy to do in DTTG but cant find in DT3


What have you tried? A screen capture could be helpful.

Thanks. I just went to take a screenshot and this time the problem of search all databases was solved, as per screenshot, but I couldn’t see an “Unread” parameter to select in the dropdown, see screenshot.
Screenshot 2020-05-20 at 16.52.27|301x500

I think I might have found it. ‘Unread’ is a sub heading under ‘marked’. Is this right:


Thanks for the help ! Funny how explaining a problem sometimes leads to discovering the solution!

In this case I was initially thrown because in DTTG (which I did first) ‘Unread’ was an existing default smart group waiting to be turned on. I was looking for the same in DT3 so thought I was probably on the wrong tack trying to create my own smart group.

You’re welcome.
Yeah, I often will be working something through and explain it to my dad and have sudden epiphanies :slight_smile: