Global Inbox behavior

Is it possibile (via a preference setting, for example) to delete the original inbox item after it has been moved into its proper database? At present all items are copied (that’s fine).

I know there’s a drawback - when an item in the global inbox could end up in more than 1 database. I’d suggest to use the “Apple method” then: Alt-drag and the original stays where it was (global inbox).


Not yet but this will be possible in the next beta.

Actually, and I’m sorry to be the contrarian in this discussion, I am glad that the file isn’t removed after copying it. I’ve had the opposite complaint about Finder copies/moves in that I often forget to do the alt-drag option and what I wanted to copy was actually moved. Can’t please everyone!

However, here’s a suggestion for the future: Make it a preference to either “copy” or “move” when dragging from the global to a database folder.


Well, the problem with Finder objects that are moved into an Inbox is more severe, I think, because you get the familiar icon (the green added “Plus”) that signals to the user that the elements are indeed copied. No such luck with Finder items: they are moved, not copied. It’s a bit confusing, but then there will be a new version that will eliminate this confusion.

I guess by rule things should be moved, not copied, as is the policy in Apple’s Finder. If you want a copy, use alt-drag. The problem is that you get the “Copy” icon when you move things from the Finder into the DT inbox, but you “move” and don’t copy. As for moving between inboxes (global to inbox of open database): you copy by default but can’t seem to be “moving”.

I’d prefer everyone to stick to “default = moving (therefore no “copy” icon)”; and copy = alt-drag (plus “copy” icon). That’s simpler, at least for me.


I’ll second these requests. The process these days is extremely tedious:

  1. Copy captured file to relevant database
  2. Delete file in Global Inbox
  3. Delete Global trash
  4. Go to relevant database
  5. Move file to assigned location

I’d prefer this:

  1. Right click - Move to - assigned location - Done
  2. Drag and drop from global inbox to assigned location using spring-loaded folders - Done

I’d also prefer that files that I drag to the SORTER would be moved instead of copied. That’d save half the work.

EDIT: Ugh. I think I figured the latter problem out. Holding down command-key while dragging to Sorter moves the file. I still can’t figure out if similar feature exists between Global inbox and databases…

Big-time +1 on this. Even if there were just a modifier key we could use when dragging files out of the global inbox into other folders to delete it from the global inbox, that would be awesome.

Anyone know if there has been any progress on this since cgrunenberg’s post on March 31st?

What progress would you like instead of just waiting for the next beta? :slight_smile:

I guess my question was simply whether the beta was out now and this behavior was accessible by some secret key combination, or if it’s in an as-yet forthcoming beta (in which case I’ll be happy just to wait.)

New releases of DTech software are always mentioned on the forum and on sometimes on The Balcony blog. For the former, DTech could post in Announcements so the news is easier to notice.

I just thought I’d bump up this discussion again now that the new beta is out.

I don’t see anything in the release notes to indicate that the feature mentioned in cgrunenberg’s post of 13 March is in the new features. If it is, does anyone know how to activate the behavior of moving a file from the global inbox to a database that makes the file you’re moving also be deleted from the global inbox?

Many thanks.

peterk’s list of steps can be shortened somewhat: if you make the destination folder a “favourite” in the sidebar, you can drag it straight there from the Global Inbox, without having to stop off at the Inbox for that particular database. Of course, that only works for those folders you’ve had the foresight to include among your favourites!

As Christian and Annard have noted in other threads, the UUID of a file is specific to its database, and the UUID is changed when the file is copied to another database.

A true ‘move to’ among databases will be implemented when a future release is issued that will reliably maintain the UUID of a file when it is moved to a different database. The UUID may be used to link to a database file from an external application. Currently, that link would be broken if a file is copied from one database to another, then the file is deleted from the first database.

And since the new beta (b6), moving works. Thanks.

Awesome. This does work now! Hurah for Devonthink.

Does anybody know if there is a keyboard shortcut that you can use while dragging to get the same behavior rather than having to go through the “Move to…” contextual menu?

Hold the Command key while dragging; see Help > Release Notes.

To amplify SJK’s suggestion, which works for a single selection, there’s a trick that allows one to select multiple items and drag them to move them to another database.

The problem you will encounter with a Command-drag of a multiple selection is that when you click on the selection while holding down the Command key, it will instead de-select one of the items. Remember that one uses Command-click to select multiple items, even noncontiguous items.

Here’s the trick: Make your multiple selection, click on the selection and start dragging. Then hold down the Command key while dragging the rest of the way to the destination.

Trick? That’s my usual method in Finder. :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried it in DTPO but suspect you could also select items, hold down the Command and/or other modifier key(s), then click-hold-drag the selection.

SJK wrote:

Try it. :slight_smile:

The trick is starting the drag before holding down the Command key.