Global inbox can’t switch from cloud legacy to cloudkit

Hello, I didn’t pay much attention to DTTg on my iPhone as I used mostly DTTg on ipad.
As I am now using iPhone to clip to dttg, i thought I would be able to pick it up from DTTg iPad for further processing. But then I realised it didn’t. The clip stuck in my iPhone DTTg global inbox.

Before I moved to DTTg3, The databases was set up to sync with iCloud(legacy)

Setting on my iPhone
Sync store icloud(legacy)

Setting on my iPad
Sync store iCloudkit

Setting on my Mac Devthink3
Sync store iCloudkit
Some databases are local

My sync between iPad DTTg and Mac devonthink so far ok.

I think my problem is the different sync store, right? I tried to add iCloudkit on my iPhone dttg, but error message said encryption key not valid, but I don’t have such key. So what to do? Should I have a clean reinstall the DTTg? The global inbox sync between device would be most useful to me, as I would use clip to DTTg mostly with my iPhone.

Any suggestion?


All databases are always local on all devices; that is to say that each device has its own local copy of the database. Sync is just that - it keeps those local databases synchronous. A sync store effectively contains a copy of the database (although it is not a bit-for-bit copy).

It would appear that you do have - when you first set up sync via CloudKit it would seem that your did set a key, which would, in my opinion, be a sensible thing to do. If you cannot remember your key, you may find it in your keychain; search for DEVONcloudy in the Mac’s keychain. (If you really didn’t set a key, presumably you have left the appropriate fields empty when trying to set up sync on the iPhone?)

If you cannot find the encryption key, then reinstalling DTTG will not help you - you would need to perform a clean setup of sync. To do that you would select Clean location from the context menu of the sync location in preferences (talking Mac here, but can be performed from an iOS device too); after the clean has been reported successfully in Window > Log , Control-click the sync location, select Show Info , and you can modify the key. However this must be done before you start syncing databases .

(This response contains sections copied & pasted from replies written by Criss and Jim to similar queries)


Thank you so much! I found out the iCloudKit encryption key on my iPad DTTg (I assume the same should be used on my iPhone DTTg, right?) it seems working now.

I want to reorganise the devonthink database better on my 3 devices (Mac, iPad and iPhone). I am a bit confused what to do. Since I will use devonthink on my Mac as the ‘core’ place to create databases, and sync with DTTg to go on ipad (for reading, editing), while using iPhone DTTg mainly with global box for clipping, for further purpose. Can u help advice?

  1. If I mainly want to use global inbox and perhaps just one database on my iPhone DTTg, i can just sync the global inbox and that particular database only, right?

  2. There are some databases I previously sync with iCloud legacy (now i off this sync store, and use cloudkit). But those databases still on the DTTg iPhone database list, can I delete? If I delete, will it affect the database on DTTg iPad and Mac? (I assume not, as they sync with different sync store, correct understanding?)

  3. A side qtn, does it matter the first location/device/app to create a database? If I created a database with iPad DTTg, and make it sync with the dev think on Mac. If I delete the database on ipad, does it mean I will lose it totally from the sync store, hence delete the one on Mac devonthink? Is there any way know the original created location of a database?

Thank you!

Can someone give some help on the questions?


That would be my assumption too

I can’t answer that one; I’m not even sure whether database deletions propagate via the sync store, and am inclined to say no, they don’t. Jim @BLUEFROG?

If I delete the database on ipad, does it mean I will lose it totally from the sync store, hence delete the one on Mac devonthink?

No, deleting a database on one device has no effect on (1) a sync location, or (2) the databases on other devices.

Remember each device is independent. You don’t have to have the same databases on any device. You import local copies of the database. You’re not accessing a remote shared database. And a database is not the sync data.

Is there any way know the original created location of a database?

Are you asking about knowing what device created a specific database?