Global Inbox contents missing


I’m rebuilding my MacBook Pro 3,1. Wiped the drive, did a fresh install of Yosemite. Installed DEVONthink Pro Office 2.8.9. Located my database in Documents (previously ported from Time Machine backup). That seems fine, but I cannot locate the contents of the Global Inbox. The Global Trash has 10 items in it, but Inbox is at 0. I have checked the Inbox within my database. It has a couple of files, but not the ones I am looking for. Looked in my backup for the DEVONthink Pro 2 folder in Applications Support. That folder is missing from the backup! Am I hosed? Looking in the wrong place? Destined to curse Time Machine? Please help!

Julie Iverson

Are you looking in ~/Library/Application Support? It isn’t in the root Library - /Library/Application Support. Time Machine backs this up by default.

If it’s not in the ~/Library/Application Support folder: (1) You have a TimeMachine issue, and (2) you would definitely have a problem since that’s where the Global Inbox is stored.