Global Inbox disappeared - how can I get it back?


today I realised that the “Global Inbox” has disappeared from the sidebar of my DTPO 2.0 pb5. The global trash is sitting there all alone and feeling lonely :wink:

How can I get it back? It seems important since files dragged to the Sorter now seem to disappear into some black hole never to be found again – at least they cannot be found via a Spotlight search…

I will be grateful for any ideas. And no, I don’t know how and why the thing disappeared. Maybe I inadvertently deleted it? Perhaps I should go to bed earlier :wink:

Thanks, Andreas

You could try searching for global inbox disappeared, global inbox missing, etc. to find other threads discussing that issue.


Oh – why didn’t I think of that first? :slight_smile:

Of course I did, but with no result… So, any ideas are still welcome!



See viewtopic.php?f=3&t=8154 :slight_smile:

Thanks, Bill – I didn’t search for THAT term. Solution! Now my Inbox is back.