Global Inbox does not sync file removals with DT Office Pro

Noticing an issue (although possible user error on my part) with syncing ONLY the global inbox between my DEVONthink To Go and DEVONthink Office Pro instances. I am noticing if I move or delete a file from my global inbox on my desktop, that action does not carry over to my DEVONthink To Go instance.

For example, if I were to import or create in DT Office Pro, that file will appear in my DT To Go instance. If I move to another database, that action will also carry over but it won’t remove the file from my iOS inbox resulting in two files. If I were delete from my inbox via DT Office Pro, that action would simply not carry over. So it seems that the iOS instance is not syncing removing files from the global inbox. Hopefully all that makes sense… All other sync actions appear to work as expected. Is this the intended behavior? I would expect the global inbox to behave like all the other databases. Two way sync including deletions. Much like an email client.

Please provide more information regarding what type of sync you are using. There is not one “sync” method.

And yes, syncing is bi-directional by design and is also a mirroring sync, so each device should have the same information.

I sync nearly all my databases including the global inbox via iCloud.

It’s possible iCloud has stalled. Please select Help (the encircled question mark) > Contact Us to start a support ticket. Thanks!