Global inbox (empty) showing 19

I run devon to go 3 and Denvonthink 3 on my MacBook Pro 2018. All databases but global inbox show the right number of documents. My global Inbox is empty but counts 19? Any ideas?

Does this fix the issue?

I had a similar issue and I believe it was database specific tags in the object count.

Yes, each tag, group, smart group, feed, document etc. is counted.

Thanks for your feedback. I deleted the items in the bin and problem was solved.

I have the same problem. And I deleted the items in the bin and problem was solved.

But, my question is do we need to do this every time the count is not tally? Why is Global Inbox counting items in the bin?

Emptying the trash appears to be just one cause of the item count issues reported.

What might help troubleshoot any DTTG/DT item count discrepancies, is if @eboehnisch or @aedwards could add a more detailed item count in DTTG like DT reports (with number of PDFs, number of groups. number of images etc.).

That way, it might be somewhat easier to pinpoint the reason why the count differs on some devices.

Ultimately what is required IMO is not just an item count, but some form of checksum that is generated for a database on a device that can be compared to the same database on other devices.

This has been discussed internally but bear in mind we have to consider the smaller form factor of iPhones as well.
Getting data is easy.
Presenting data - efficiently and in an accessible manner - not always so easy.

Wait, what? You’ve only done all the easy things up until know? :grinning:

But sure, I understand and obviously don’t have to do the origami to make everything fit on small devices. It could also be a list of course

Don’t we wish! :wink: