Global Inbox/Focus/Manual

I only have one database. It’s currently called DEVONThink. I use to be able to issue a hotkey command from within other programs and it would “Take Plain Note” or “Take Rich Note” and it would deposit it in my database. Now it drops it in the Global Inbox instead. So I always have to open up the (usually closed) pane that displays it, drag the clips into my regular database, and then close that pane again.

Is there anyway I can have clips go to my lone database’s Inbox instead?

Also, what is the hotkey(s) that allows shifting the focus between various open panes?

Finally, will there be a pdf manual made available for DT now that we’ve officially moved to 2.0?

– Gerry

Set ‘Preferences>Import>Destination’ to ‘Inbox of current database’.

Open panes (such as the Info pane) or windows? I don’t know if there is one for panes-I hot key them my closing (Cmd-W) and opening them again (Cmd-Shift-I as example for the Info pane). Cmd-~ (tilde) will hot ket between windows.

There have been PDF manuals for each of the beta releases and there is one available for the final release. The documentation page is located here.

Thanks for the info.

Yes, I was looking for a hotkey to switch panes. I’m endlessly ping-ponging back and forth between folders and the documents within them.

– Gerry

Well, in the Three Pane view, Ctrl-Tab will move through groups, document list in the group, document view/edit, and the tag bar (if visible) if you first select a document from the documents group. For some reason, if another group is selected, Ctrl-tab does not activate the cycle.