Global Inbox Folders

Does anyone know why new empty folders (Documents and iTunes) are created in the DT Global Inbox everyday? If I don’t delete them, then another is added the next day so, after a week I will have 7 Documents (0) folders and 7 iTunes (1) folders, each of which contain an iTunes Music (0) sub-folder.
I cannot figure out how to turn this annoying behavior off. There appears to be no options pertaining to Documents or iTunes in the preferences.


If there is any important content in Global Inbox, move it to another database.

Quit the Sorter, then Quit DT Pro Office.

Locate and delete the folder named “DEVONthink Sorter” at ~/Library/Application Support/.

Launch DT Pro/Office and run Help > Install Add-ons.

Bill, does your suggestion for fixing MyKart’s Global Inbox misbehavior imply it’s correlated with Sorter? Seems peculiar …

Hi Bill,

There seem to be a variety of different issues related to the Inbox/Sorter raised by folks in this forum. I am having the same issue as this particular post with archived objects reappearing in the Inbox every time I re-open the database.

Many of your solutions have suggested reinstalling the Sorter… I certainly will try this. What is the root problem with the Sorter that is causing all of these issues? Is Development planning to address these issues directly? As you can imagine, reinstalling something whenever there is an issue does not give me the confidence in the product.



Phil, it’s not a common issue, and I can’t recall being told that it happened a second time after the little procedure I suggested above.

It’s the sort of issue that’s clearly not a directly programmed behavior of the Sorter, which is to say that I’ve never seen it on any of my Macs – the sort of thing where we say “Sorry, but we cannot reproduce that”. So it’s related to the environment of the computer on which it happens. The normal behavior of the Sorter and OS X is that content is emptied from the Sorter Inbox when it moves to the Global Inbox. In the case of this issue, a glitch in that normal behavior shows up on a few computers, and a “ghost” of some content remains. I’m not a developer, but it seems like a weird glitch in Sharing & Permissions.

It’s the sort of issue that I would find very irritating were I to encounter it, as ghosts of content past keep showing up, but it has not been implicated in any risk of database damage.

My experience in Support responses to users who encounter it is that the issue goes away when the suggested remedy is used.

I have also been having this issue. The reappearing folders date back to when I first was experimenting with DT. I also noticed that there were messages in the DT log referring to these folders and the sorter (should have noted them down but didn’t at the time) so the Global Inbox / Sorter connection makes sense.

I just tried Bill’s suggestion and am hoping that this will resolve the problem.

Since this issue crops up from time to time and there seem to be multiple threads about it in the forum this might be a candidate for a FAQ entry.