Global Inbox Function

Are documents in the Global Inbox also in the open user database? How to does one move documents out of the Global Inbox and into a user database? I tried to find documentation regarding the function of the Global Inbox, but was unable to find it.

No, the Global Inbox is a separate database that can accept new content whether or not the DT Pro/Office application is running.

See Help > DEVONthink Pro (or Pro Office) Help. When the Help document opens, search for “Global Inbox” and see especially the Main Window link for the description of the Sidebar and its functions.

Thanks for the information.
When I drag a file from the global inbox into my user database, the application just copies the file rather than moving. Now I have two copies to manage. Is there a way to move instead of copy?

Not at this time, in public beta 5.

But if you select one or more files in the Global Inbox and drop them onto another open database in the Sidebar, or into a database Inbox or group in the Groups panel (Tools > Show Groups), the items remain selected in the Global Inbox. Hit the Delete icon in the toolbar and they are now in the Trash.