Global Inbox in Sidebars

Thanks for putting the Global Inbox in the Finder window sidebars and in the Save dialog windows in pb5.

When starting to play around with it, I decided to rename Inbox as it appears in the sidebar to DevonThink Inbox. Documents continued to be saved in the DT Application Support folder, but did not appear in the Global Inbox. Changing the renamed Application Support folder back to Inbox restored normal operation.

A warning about renaming would be appropriate. But an option to rename the Global Inbox as it appears externally would be nice.

I would also like to rename my Inbox to DEVONThink Inbox, as I already have an ordinary folder with the name Inbox in my sidebar (for downloads and such).

However, when I try to rename the (DT) Inbox, nothing happens. I also tried to create an alias with the name “DEVONThink Inbox” and moving it to the sidebar, but nothing happens when I click on it.

Love the idea of having the DT inbox in my sidebar though!

I know this is an old topic, but since Lion, the icon of the DEVONThink inbox looks exactly like an ordinary folder in the sidebar, so there is no way for me to see the difference between my folder named Inbox and the DEVONThink inbox.

I prefer the DEVONThink Inbox to using the sorter to get my things into DEVONThink, so am wondering if there is any way to rename the DEVONThink Inbox to e.g. DT Inbox.


Agreed, this can be confusing. Another option that DEVON could explore is how to add the icon back in Lion. The Dropbox folks have found a solution for this.

Hmm… that’s strange. My Dropbox icon does not have its own look. The only folders in my sidebar that have a different look are my home directory, the Applications folder and the Desktop.

Make sure you are using the current version of Dropbox, then remove the Dropbox icon from the Finder’s Sidebar, restart, and add the icon back to the Sidebar.

Yes, that worked. Thanks!