global inbox in the finder sidebar

I briefly saw a feature while updating to 2.4.3 about having the global inbox in the finder sidebar but I don’t have it in my finder.

How can I enable this feature? Is it possible to put other databases in the sidebar?


This feature has been in DEVONthink for quite some time now and is very useful. It’s only available for the Global Inbox database however. To install this option, run the installer from inside the app via ‘DEVONthink Pro (Office) Menu>Install Add-Ons…’ and select the option ‘Global Inbox in Save Dialogs’.

OK thanks for the quick reply.

I have run that installer every time DT Pro is installed or updated but I never noticed that it was missing. Whenever there is an update then the “install add on” dialogue appears and for me all of the boxes are checked by default. So I thought I installed everything. But I guess now.

I thought everything was installed but I installed it again as you said and now it is working well.

Thanks again!

OOPs now I have another question.

I saved a file in the inbox via finder but the file does not appear in DTPRO.

I can see the file in the finder window under Inbox but not in the inbox itself in DT Pro.

Should I reboot?


I’d try rebooting first and see what happens. Documents should be visible in the Inbox folder in the Finder only if DEVONthink is not running. If DEVONthink is running, then the contents of the Finder folder are immediately imported into the Global Inbox database.

As a side note, because of this behavior you should only save local documents to this location. If you try to say download a large document stored remotely to this location, the download will more than likely become corrupt as DEVONthink will try to import it before the download is complete.

Thanks for your quick reply.

I rebooted but the problem was still there.

Then I realized that I had changed the name of the inbox immediately after installing it.

I reinstalled the addon and I didn’t rename the Inbox. And now it works well.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to rename Inbox.

Thanks again!

It is absolutely not a good idea to rename the Inbox. Glad you’re back up and running.