Global inbox inconsistencies

This may be my settings, but my global inbox shows 10 documents. My centre pane, shows 4 documents in the inbox folder (there are no other folders) and the document pane shows the 4 documents.
However, if I open the Global inbox in a new window the remaining 6 documents are displayed (they are all PDFs), but not the 4 documents from the original view.
Have I somehow managed to alter the preferences so that not all document types are displayed? If so, how do I correct this?

There are actually no such preferences. Could you please post a screenshot of both windows?

In your Inbox database you have 6 documents at the Root level (1st picture) and 4 documents in the Inbox group (2nd picture). When no group is selected, you see the documents at the Root level in the document pane and when you select a group in the middle pane, the contents of that group are show in the document pane. If you want all documents at the Root level to display in the middle pane, try switching to the as Split view to see if that is to your liking.

Not that it matters to your question, but is there a particular reason why you want a group named ‘INBOX’ in the Inbox database?

Thanks Greg, that’s it. I moved the documents out of the group ‘inbox’ into the root and all ten appear. I don’t ever recall creating a group called ‘Inbox’ but presumably I must have at some point in the past.