Global Inbox moves files

I save from Pages directly into the global inbox frequently. Every time I do this, I can no longer save anymore, and Pages prompts me to select where to save a new version. Pages loses the file, somehow, in the Inbox. Supposedly, this is because the file has moved.

To fix this, I have tried deleting the two inbox files in the Application Support folder. Once, it seemed to solve the problem briefly. The help page that contained that advice said that I have other problems if this fix does not work and suggested I contact support. Other than writing this, I have no idea how to do that.

Please let me know what to do.

Also, you should know that I tried a couple different versions before installing DTPO 2.

Here is the text shown when I try to save the second time: “The location of the document “Test - 11-14-11 - Test again” cannot be determined.”

Items placed into the Inbox in DEVONthink’s Application Support folder are almost immediately moved into the Inbox database (Inbox.dtBase2, in that same folder) if DEVONthink is running. There is nothing broken - this is the way DEVONthink works - and it is why Pages (or any other app) will not “find” the file again.

If you want to keep your Pages file inside your database, then save it to the Inbox. Close the document in Pages. Go to the Inbox in DEVONthink. From the Inbox, open the document again in Pages (Data > Open With, or control-click > Open WIth). If you move the document from the Inbox to another location or database in DEVONthink, close the docment in Pages first and reopen the document once you have relocated it in DEVONthink.

If you have indexed the document in DEVONthink (i.e., it is not stored in a database), this process isn’t necessary.

A way to streamline things is to use templates. For example, select the group in DEVONthink where you want to create a document. Use Data > New From Template > Office > Apple Pages document, and DEVONthink will create a blank Pages document in that group. Just use Open With to start editing.