Global inbox problems

I’m having trouble with the global inbox in the finder window. There’s a folder called “Inbox” but when I import stuff to the global inbox they go to another global inbox, that are in .db format and hidden away in the application support folder. Also, when I’m in DT, and click the global inbox in the left pane, I’m taken to the “wrong” empty inbox showing up in the Finder. So - to summarize - I see an empty inbox in the Finder and within DT, but imported stuff goes to another “inbox” file. Any tips how to fix this??

Sounds like the Global Inbox is working exactly as designed. The Global Inbox consists of both a database (Inbox.dtBase2) and a folder (Inbox) which can also be added to the Finder’s Sidebar. Documents that are added to the Inbox folder are imported into the Inbox database-they do not remain in the Finder’s Inbox folder. That is why the Inbox folder in the Finder will always appear empty, even after you drag documents into it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

But how come added stuff doesn’t show up in the global inbox when I’m in DT?

I have set the preferences to always put newly imported stuff in the global inbox for later (review, sorting and tagging)

I’m confused as to where your documents are going. From your first post, I understood that they are imported into the Global database in DEVONthink. From your second post, it sounds like the documents are not showing up in DEVONthink?