Global Inbox Sync

Syncing doesn’t seem to work for the global inbox.

For example I had about 40 items in my global inbox. Synced across my iphone and ipad and mac. I had time at the weekend to go through these and put them in the correct place in the database on the imac. However when i sync now although they do appear in the correct places in the database the global inbox has still 40 items on my ipad and iphone and none on my mac.?

Any thoughts.?

It’s a bug. I have the same problem (but it’s only four documents that are stuck). I filed a bug report and heard back that they know about it and are working on it.

If I were you, I would go ahead and file a bug report, so they know how many people are affected.

Yes, please file a bug report. We know about this problem but we can use additional information to help resolve the matter (besides knowing who is affected so we can let you know when we have a fix).

I’ve never been able to get any form of syncing working ever since this became available. I have several tens of thousands of Inbox links on the server and about 40 on the client app on my iPhone. When I go through the sync procedure I enter the four digit code from the server and am informed that the server is preparing to sync. After about a minute I am informed that the connection has timed out and Bonjour can no longer acquire the server. Repeated attempts fail to produce any response on the client or server except that the server crashes then sometimes. I will report this as a bug. I am very disappointed in the client software as it has never worked properly and has no obvious ways to retrieve, in bulk, all of the links trapped in the client app. Quite infuriating to lose the links or copy them out one by one.

What are you referring to?