Global Inbox sync


I just tried to sync DTPO and DTTG with Dropbox.
I created a special “iPhone” database on DTPO for test.
Then I synchronised on DTTG and checked to sync the global inbox and the “iPhone” database.

  • As result the database syncs but not the global inbox. Why not? The global inbox in DTPO and DTTG should be the same and sync, right?
  • Then what is the “mobile sync” file in the DTPO database?


I didn’t check the global inbox on DTPO. The sync is working now.
But I don’t understand the use of the mobile sync group in each database.

The Mobile Sync group is only used by DEVONthink Go 1.x and can be deleted (a future release will remove the support for DTTG 1.x)

Ok. Thanks Christian, I deleted these groups.