Global Inbox Syncing

I cant seem to get syncing working correctly. I have deleted all items from the global inbox on the mac but there are 15 items that still appear on my ipad global inbox after syncing.

It’s a bug. They’re working on it, but still want you to file a bug report. See this thread: Global Inbox Sync

This happens to me a lot. What I do (for now):

  1. Complete full sync between DTTG and Mac
  2. Move files from Mac inbox to their correct locations
  3. Wait at least 5 minutes, resync
  4. Check to make sure files were moved to their correct locations in DTTG
  5. Wait 5 minutes, re-sync but deselect the Global Inbox in the sync menu, this should erase the files from the DTTG Global Inbox
  6. Make sure the next time you sync to re-select the Global Inbox.

This may be a little OCD but I don’t like to keep files in the Global Inbox on DTTG. To me, any files that are in there at the end of the day represent items that need to be processed (follow-up actions, etc.). Once I process everything then I know I have made a complete capture of what went on that day.