Global Inbox Usage

I find the Global Inbox frustrating to use.

Say, for example, I have a database open and I have something in the Global Inbox that I want to move to a specific location in the open database. When I click on the Global Inbox, I lose my location in the open database. If I try to right-click on the Global Inbox to open it in a new window so that I can drag a file to the database, it still changes the current window to the Global Inbox and I need to re-navigate to the position in the database that I was at before opening the Global Inbox. I would make a few suggestions:

  1. There could be an additional sidebar that can slide open and show the contents of the Global Inbox. That way, when I am in a database, I can just drag a file from the Global Inbox to my desired location. (BTW: the “Move to” menu system is not very efficient at this task, at least for me). For inspiration, have a look at the way Pathfinder does this.

  2. Right clicking on a database (or the Global Inbox) in the left hand sidebar should not switch to that window immediately, but rather wait to see if “open in a new window” is selected so that I don’t lose the location in the currently selected database.

  3. You might also consider a dropzone like that used by Pathfinder. In doing so, I would be able to drop a bunch of files (fromthe Global Inbox or anywhere else) into a small dropzone in left navigation panel, and these are easily accessible to copy to some other location.

  4. Finally, I would suggest that in dragging a file out of the Global Inbox, that “Move” be the default, rather than “Copy”. I know that this is seconding many other posts in this forum.

Hope my suggestions are helpful. I do really like DT, and simply want to enhance its usability.

Tip 1: If you wish to see the contents of the Global Inbox without losing your place in a current database view, choose File > New Window and choose Inbox. You may close that view window later, if you wish.

Tip 2. There’s already an existing ‘dropbox’ feature, Tools > Show Groups (Control-Command-G) that will allow you to drag content from any open database (including Global Inbox) into any group location within any open database. The floating Groups panel can be shown/hidden at any time by its keyboard shortcut.

Note that, although DEVONthink must be frontmost in order to invoke the Show/Hide command, when made visible the Groups panel will then continue to be available in other applications as a means of capturing, e.g., a text clipping from a word processor, or folders and files from the Finder.

The Groups panel is convenient not only for moving content among open databases, but for capture of content from the Finder and from other applications. Its keyboard shortcut is one of the relatively few that I keep in my head. :slight_smile:

Tip 2.1 - sort of combining Bill’s tips. If the Groups panel is open, a double click on any group or the global inbox in that panel opens that thing in a new window.

Second amendment to Bill’s Tips: CMD-OPT-N will open a new window at the same database/group where the shortcut was pressed - from which one may navigate elsewhere.

Scanning files all evening to my Global Inbox (ScanSnap S300M) this tip of having two windows open is very useful. I’ve been dragging scan to my DB in the side bar, then going to that DB’s Inbox and moving the item to the desired folder. And I then still have to delete the item from the Global Inbox.

Would like the option to have items in Global Inbox move, not copy.

The release of 2.0 fixes the Global Inbox issue I (and others) were having. It now moves them to the database I drag them to! The new build looks great!