Global Inbox workflow

I’ve compiled, saved, and attached the following folder action script: [url]Put up Example page]

When I applied, this script launch DTP’s “Show Groups & Tags,” and enables me to save files in my particular DTP group of choice. I was instructed to make changes to this script, found in this post [url]Put up Example page] to prevent the folder action from deleting files – just in case they weren’t securing placed into my groups / folders.

I am wondering:

(1) How can I maintain this script’s features, and also

(2) …include a feature in the script that would enable me to could automatically reveal the file in DTP – not open it – after it has been saved?

I hardly know anything about code, but I suspect there’s a way to tinker with the following: ```

set openMe to open window for record theRecord

Finally, in lieu of using a folder action script to automatically delete files, what do people suggest one does to regularly cleanse the folder (the on with the attached folder action script) to prevent it from clogging up and creating extraneous duplicate files?  

Thanks very much...