Global inbox


I’m on DTP 2.0.7. Recently it seems my Global inbox has disappeared. FWIW I’ve gone to Preferences > Import and clicked the Global inbox radio button, and restarted Devon. No dice.

Shouldn’t I have a Global inbox? Under GLOBALS there is a Trash box. What gives?

First, check that the Inbox isn’t merely hidden: View > Show Sidebar

And see this advice

Yeah. I guess this worked. When will they fix this bug? We’re on 2.0.7, right.

No, it didn’t work. Though I went thru your recovery 2-step & got an inbox, I populated that with a few articles. Upon doing Mac maintenance and start-up I found I lost those articles, the Global Inbox, and I’m back to square one.

So much for Devon stability.

Sidebar in view. Now what?