(Global) Inbox

I’m a little unclear on how to use Inboxes, particularly the Global Inbox. Is there a common workflow that users use with these? Or documentation?

Think of the global inbox as, well, an inbox. In other words, use it as a place to dump notes before you’ve had a chance to sort them into specific groups either manually or using DEVONthink’s automated tools. You might also put notes in the global inbox that have a high probability of being temporary. Perhaps you want to read something late (much like Instapaper) but don’t necessarily want to save it.

The global inbox is independent of any particular databases (if you are using DEVONthink Pro which supports multiple databases). Whether that’s good or bad depends on how you use it. Individual databases also have their own inboxes which are “global” only to that database.

If you use DEVONthink To Go, a downside of the global inbox as well as the inbox in any particular database is that it cannot by sync-ed with an iOS device. To get around this, if I have a database called, let’s say, “Science” I also create a group called “_Science Inbox” and use it instead of the actual inbox for the Science database. Then I can sync _Science Inbox.

NOTE: After writing the above paragraph, I think I stand corrected. The global inbox is indeed supposed to sync, but apparently some folks are having trouble with it.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, swehba! I also picked up a copy of “Take Control of DEVONthink” which gave me a good introduction to the product.