Global Inbox

The Global inbox is not visible. the Global folder is there and has only trash under it. The databases work normally and I chose select folders for imports in preferences. If I select global the database folders go away.
I thought it worked differently before Lion.

Thanks — songdog -----DT Pro Office OSX 10.7 .1 Lion

Thanks for the heads up - I couldn’t find that in the forum. It looks like I have bigger problems. The Application support is for the older programs and none for DTPO. See below my response to Bill DeVille.

Thanks – I think I may see a problem. In my initial purchase, I tried DT 2 and DTpro 2 before purchasing DT PRO Office.

There is no Application support for DT Pro Office Global inbox shows up in DT Sorter.

I also changed the name of my database in the finder. How do I fix this mess I created.

Thanks Songdog OSX 10.7.1 DTPO.