Global selection of columns and sort order in database

I suspect that this a de facto newbie question, but the first 150 search results reveal nothing.

I have a new database–an indexing of an extensive project folder on my hard drive that features on average three to four levels of nested folders. I want to apply my choice of two columns–name and modified date, a descending sort order for the modified date-- to every folder in this index database. There seems no obvious way to do this automatically and I’d hate to think I have to manually open each and every folder and choose the columns and sort order.

Is there a way to automatically apply the same column choices and sort to every folder?

Fingers crossed and thanks in advance.

In a view window you can set up the columns (View > Columns) for each database independently. For a database displayed in that view window, the same columns will be displayed whether at the root level or in any group.

Within a database, I can choose to have the sort columns behave differently. For example, in the group that holds the segments of a writing project I can choose Unsorted for the Name sort, and drag the documents within it into the order I prefer. In other groups in that database items will be displayed alphabetically when the Name header is highlighted. If I wish, still other groups can be set to sort by Date Modified.

Note that only one sort order at a time will be active in a displayed view. in your case, either Name or Date Modified.

You may have multiple view windows open, and they can be set up differently.

You have choice, and flexibility when you need it.