Global Smart Folders


Is there a way to create Global Smart Folders (i.e., Smart Folders that will access/reference data in across all databases) apart from inserting them in the sidebar?

If not, is it possible to put Smart Folders in collapsible folders – or organize them in some other manageable way – in the sidebar?

I know this is improbable, but it never hurts to ask… Is there any way a Smart Folder could be set up to access/reference data from another database – outside of the database it resides in? I realize that it’s unlikely, and probably not the case.

Thank you!

No. The sidebar is the Global Sidebar.

Nope. Not at this point and the first request I’ve seen.

Nope. That’s what the Global Smart Groups are for.

Ok, thanks. I get it. Any chance DTP might develops something like Smart Folders in collapsible folders – or organize them in some other manageable way – in the sidebar?

I ask because I love the way that Smart Folders in the Global Sidebar access/reference data across all databases. But as a consequence, my sidebar is getting cluttered and difficult to manage.

I’m just seeking a solution to an organizational dilemma that’s been raised in another post. (I’m happy to open a new thread on this, if it’s advisable.)

In short, I’ve been annotating PDFs in DTP with that tags (via this script: [url]Annotation Pane (Annotation with Links, Notes, Tags v3)]). I’m trying keep the number of tags manageable, and focused on a given project. But that the same time, I’m trying to figure out how to group certain tags that crossover and relate to larger themes that I work on.

One user kindly suggested using Smart Folders. I’m just trying to figure out how to maintain a focused and manageable tag system – which seems it would have to be contained to a single database (since it’s one tag system per DB; not per Group) – and then set up a Smart Folders that would group certain tags from different projects for crossover themes.

I’ve been scouring the forums for solutions. I’m happy to consider a different approach.

Thanks very much again.

ditto all of that.

I have a lot of Smart Groups in the sidebar and it would be very convenient indeed to be able organise them in collapsible folders.


hope DTP can make it.

other, related suggestions:

-create another kind of panel / window for Global Smart Groups

-create Global tags - that can interface with tags across multiple databases

hope DTP considers these suggestions, as i think they’d be quite valuable to us.


“Another kind” – like what?

sorry. didn’t see your message.

was thinking that there could be something like a new window devoted to global smart folders. seems other people use plenty of global smart folders as well since they apply to all databases, and the sidebar just seems to offer inadequate real estate. there might be another, better solution. just spitballing.

also, i actually think global tags would be brilliant for DTP, if it’s something that could be pulled off.