Global Smart Group as a Favorite

I would like to include some global smart groups as favorites. That option is not available in the context menu of a smart group. However, there is an option for “Copy Smart Group Link.” So I figured I could create bookmarks to such links and put all those bookmarks in a Group marked as a Favorite.

A “Smart Group Link” is an x-devonthink format link. But it does not seem to behave the same as an “Item Link.” I can create a Bookmark to an Item Link, but if I create a bookmark to a Smart Group Link, the title of the bookmark is the x-devonthink link rather than the name of the smart group. Also the contents of this link do not appear in the preview pane.

Is there a reason a “Smart Group Link” behaves differently than an Item Link?

Only the sidebar supports global smart groups, therefore this isn’t possible.

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