Global Smart Group Does Not Remember Last Sorting


I have rss feeds coming into a dedicated database, with a global smart group picking up unread feeds. For some reason, the global smart group insists on sorting by name every time I open it, although other smart groups remember the sorting preference by date when located within a database. I thought all smart groups remembered the previous sorting in recent releases of DT? Is there any fix for this? an Applescript or anything? I would much appreciate it!


My global smart groups, including Unread, remember the last-set sort order.

Workaround for your isssue: Control-click on a column header, e.g., Name. From the list of available sorts, click the one you want. A column for that sort order will be added, e.g., in the Three Panes view.

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the response. I am not sure what is going wrong or how to troubleshoot this issue further.

The global smart groups wont remember the sort column, but all other smart groups do. I have tried sorting on different columns, from date added to date modified to URL. I have tried adding new columns, deleting columns, quitting and reopening DT etc. It doesnt seem to matter, it always reverts back to sorting by Name.

I realize it sounds like a minor issue, but it makes using DT as my primary rss reader a bit of a pain otherwise. Do you have any other suggestions as to how to troubleshoot this further?

A second issue I am having is just updating the rss feeds. In the preferences section, it gives the option to update manually, but is there a button to update all feeds that I am missing? Right now, I cant seem to update it manually at all. That would also make it easier to use DT as my primary rss reader.

Thanks again!

or rather, refresh all feeds? I know you can individually refresh a feed by right clicking on it, but it would be nice not to have to individually do it for each and every feed.