Global word count in DN?

Hey all – just trying to see how to get a global (database-wide) word count in DevonNote.

File --> Database Properties… shows something labeled “Words” with a number, but it can’t be what I’m looking for – it’s currently 13335 when I know what I’m looking at has more like 135000 words. Is it possible that this “word count” item is off by an order of 10?

Or is that instead totaling the incidence of unique words like how DT can (in one view for DT, you can see that the word "the" appears 514 times, "and" 427 times, etc.)?

And if there isn’t currently a way to get global word counts, will that appear eventually? I’d also like to see a way to get word counts in a given folder, since project/chapter/logical grouping like that is a useful function.

Overall I must say I’m quite pleased with DN. It’s a heck of a good nonlinear story composition tool, and damned fast besides. :slight_smile:

Thanks for any suggestions.

I wondered about this too for a while, but eventually discovered that it related to the number of unique words in the entire database, any one of which may appear numerous times, and not a total wordcount per se.

You may like to know that DT Pro will be able to display the word counts for each document, but I’m not sure if it will include the word counts within each folder or global total word counts. Like you, I hope it will do both … and would like to add my voice to your request.


The current number of "Words" is the number of unique words but the next release will also display the total number of words in the database properties panel (and the concordance panel of DT will display those numbers too).