Glossary of terms

Dear DT folks,

I am a new user of Devonthink Personal and I can tell you already that I am very impressed with the sophisticated yet simple and flexible design of the program. I am an English Teacher, and in the future, I am planning on having each of my students purchase a program like Devonthink to use as an individual/community database for storing and exchanging editing and feedback. However, before we can actually design the use we have in mind, we have to learn how to use the program. Here’s where the problem comes in.

Almost every software program assumes a certain body of knowledge, and therefore understandably makes use of abbreviations, acronyms, and technical terms that totally throw someone trying to learn how to use the program. This is particularly true with young students who are just becoming familiar with computers in general. However, even I have that problem after many years of computer experience. (What the heck is an OPML file anyway?)

What I would like to suggest is that you include a glossary of every technical term, abbreviation or acronym that you use in either the program or the manual. Perhaps you could use the AI engine (Artificial Intelligence?) to scan and capture these terms periodically to keep the glossary up to date. But no matter how you do, please know that the inclusion of a glossary will be a paramount factor in our choice of a program for our students.

Looking forward to good news from you on this.