gmail and devonthink

What would be the best way to get an attachment from gmail to devonthink. Currently, I download it, find the downloaded attachment, and then add it to DT. I don’t think you can drag an attachment from gmail. Any thoughts?


one solution could be to create a folder on the desktop or elsewhere and attach the folder action (a script, I think) “import to Devon Think”.

You find the folder actions in the DT extras folder.

The new public beta 5 of DEVONthink Pro/ProOffice adds the global inbox to the Finder, so you can now save anything directly to DT :smiley:

Just right click to download the attachment, select “Save Linked File As…”, and choose the DT inbox as the location.

The new Finder integration is fantastic!

Simple yet effective.

So far the only drawback I’ve noticed is the temporary “new items in global Inbox” badge on DTP’s Dock icon isn’t displayed when items are saved, like with other global Inbox capture methods.

I can’t find my global inbox in the finder-- should it be in the documents folder? can you set where it is?


Notice that if you choose Save or Save As in any application, there’s now ‘Inbox’ as an available destination.

In the Finder window, ‘Inbox’ is now listed under Places.

The Global Inbox database, ‘Inbox.dtBase2’, is stored in /Home/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro (or Office) 2/.

thanks for that tip - hadn’t noticed it. I must say I use the bookmarklets (Archive, PDF) a lot to save files.