Gmail into Devonthink Pro

I have read the notes on this board about getting gmail emails into Devonthink and it seems the main answer is to use Applemail.

The problem with this is that the Gmail to Applemail linking is not working and there is a lot of discussion on the web about when this will be reliably fixed!! Apple does not have it working!

Is there ANY other way to easily get a single gmail or two into Devonthink Pro from the web interface of gmail ?

Thanks for your advice!


Gmail in Apple Mail on 10.9.2 is working fine over here. No problems importing what I need into DEVONthink.

I’m having the same problem. Gmail and Applemail don’t sync properly anymore (see … 0&tstart=0 for one of many threads on this topic). There’s no word on when Apple will fix this, so many people are forced to choose (or live with random syncing and delays of hours). My work changed to gmail a few years ago, so I don’t have a choice to abandon gmail. So, I can’t use applemail and all of the great DT integration.

So, I do the following to get a gmail into DT:

forward gmail message (to get header info into the body of the message)
(in body of mail) select all (ctrl a)
copy (ctrl c)
open sorter to compose a note (I have a keyboard shortcut for this)
type first line (this will be the new heading)
ctrl-v to copy the mail
ctrl-s to save
go back to gmail and delete the draft forwarded message.

It is clunky but it’s the best I have for now, and it’s become such a habit that it goes pretty quickly. I bet it would be easy to script, but I don’t know enough about applescript (I’ve done a few with minor changes from templates). If anyone savvy in applescript can give a rough outline or possible starting script, I could probably troubleshoot it.

I’m curious about other solutions also.