Go Menu: minor bugs

Minor, but for completeness:

The Go Menu has incorrect shortcuts for Next and Previous Document. At least, they don’t invoke the full command, but only work while in List View, while the menu command works everywhere. The shortcuts chosen (cmd-up/down) aren’t good choices anyway, because

a) If you’re in the only place they work at the moment (list view), the simple arrows work anyway and

b) cmd-up/down are almost universal Mac shortcuts for beginning / end of document (and they still work), so you get completely different behaviour whether you’re in List View or in (Preview OR Inspector panels).

Not sure this is a bug, or just an implementation issue, but perhaps they could be changed to say Ctl-cmd-up/down?


It’s actually a different shortcut, e.g. pressing Cmd-Up/Down shouldn’t highlight the Go menu. The real shortcuts (Cmd-Page Up/Down, e.g. available on full keyboards) work exactly like the menu commands because for DEVONthink it doesn’t matter whether an item is selected via the mouse or a shortcut. Finally, the shortcut can be customized in the system preferences.

Not here, Christian – the menu shows cmd-up/down… That’s why I reported it!


This seems to be a glitch of the latest macOS versions, it’s definitely Cmd-Page Up/Down. E.g. visible on El Capitan.

I’m using Mojave 10.14. 4 on this computer.

I’ll test it on the laptop later, which has High Sierra, I think.

(It doesn’t matter to me, either way, because I use Keyboard Maestro to override most of them anyway to be nearer to Scrivener shortcuts to minimise the context switching. I’ve just spent a happy hour going through all my KM macros and changing ‘DEVONthink Pro Office’ to ‘Devonthink 3’…)

No, it’s the same problem on High Sierra (10.13.6):