Go Menu?

Most of the options in the Go menu seem to be grayed out/unavailable virtually all the time; and I can find few/no references to them in the docs. Are these features going to be more fully implemented in a future version or am I missing something? ???

In a related question, is it my imagination or did there use to be key equivalents for going backwards and forwards in HTML pages? I’m sure the mouse buttons I set for going backwards and forwards in Safari used to work in DT as well – but they don’t now --and I find the contextual menu alone somewhat impractical.



Those commands are usually only available for single document windows and "Up"/"Home" are only available if the front most browser window is not already displaying the top level of the database of course.

To go backwards/forwards in HTML pages, use Delete/Shift-Delete. "Back/Forward" menu items will be added to v1.8.2 (including the common shortcuts Cmd-[ and Cmd-] of course).