Go-->Selected Group/Enclosing Group

The “Go–>Selected Group/Enclosing Group” functions apply at the same time to both the Sidebar and the Item list, making keyboard navigation through groups difficult/implausible.

In the illustration attached below, you can see that when I use “Go–>Selected Group” to open the “Books and Reading” group, then again to use open the “Photography” group, the Sidebar reflects this movement.

But when I use “Go–>Enclosed Group” to return back to the enclosing groups, the Sidebar closes (or folds) all the way up.

Is it possible to address this? Possibly by having only the cursor/focus active in only one place at a time, rather than in both the Item View and the Sidebar simultaneously?

(This request correlates with my request elsewhere, for better accommodation for keyboard navigation: Keyboard focus in sidebar )

Thanks again for the great work, and for considering this issue.

Is the option to automatically expand the sidebar (see Preferences > General) enabled? Does disabling the option fix this?

Thanks for the suggestion. Disabling the “automatically expand” option fixes the issue of having the fold in on itself. But it also makes the sidebar basically inert, as it loses its function as a group-level overview/outline of the file system (something I find really useful to have when I’m navigating in and out of different groups, to give me a bird’s-eye view of where I am in the database). In short, I’m still regretting the loss of some functions of the “three-pane view.”