"Go To Document" with item link

The command GoTo Document… works great for searching by name. But it doesn’t work with item links.

Scenario: I’m work with two documents side-by-side in full screen/split screen mode. The note I’m reading in one pane contains a link to an item in my database. Now I want to open that item in the other window. Whats the best way to do it? Genuine question. I do not know.

In Finder, if I’m in a similar scenario with two windows open, I would select the item I want to go to, then use the default keyboard shortcut C to copy the path to the item. Then I would move my focus to the other window and hit G. It opens a dialogue box where I can paste the path, hit return, and instantly go to the location. It’s very quick. Can I do something similar in DEVONthink?

My first instinct was to try to use the GoTo Document… command in DEVONthink, similarly to my Finder workflow. But rather than using the path to the document, I figured I could use the item link. Alas this was not successful. Instead, I can highlight the text containing the hyperlink and Copy it to my clipboard. But this is only useful if the display text of the link matches the item name.

Why are “Go To Document…” and “Go To Group…” two different commands? Sometimes I launch the “Go To Document…” command, and upon seeing the results, I change my mind and realize I should go to the parent group instead of the document. The “Go To Document…” interface displays the groups, but clicking them achieves nothing. I wish clicking on the group name from the “Go To Document…” command took me to the group. I think it would be more intuitive if there was simply one “Go To…” command, and holding down the option key could toggle whether items or groups only are displayed.

Development would have to assess your opinion on this. It’s the first such comment we’ve had.

Also, Go to Group supports an abbreviated syntax for name matches, e.g., fo link would match for linking. Go to Document does not as there are far too many possible matches in documents.


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