Go to Group failing


I’d like to share w you an example where “Go > To Group” fails to help me:

I have a DB with ~1000 topical groups full of notes and blogposts, etc.

A dozen of them contain the word “power” in their name or aliases yet they are not colocated in the DB structure. One of them being named “power”.
And that one I cannot reach with the “Go to group” menu item, since some others, are, in the hierarchy of the DB, placed before.

So either I would need the “Go to group” functionality to allow me to cycle through all matches and/or I need it to favor exact matches or sort matches by matching score.

Not a big hurdle, but definitely a limitation of the actual implementation of this function.


What exactly do you mean by “colocated in the DB structure”?

I mean they are not close in the cascading list that this menu item offers.

Might it make things easier to set memorable aliases for the groups and use those in the Go To dialog? (Maybe there are simply too many groups for that to be helpful.)


A screen capture of the hierarchy and the popover would be helpful.