Going back in Devonthink to go IOS


I have been seriously impressed with the latest devonthink. The smart rules where a game changer for me and I cant imagine considering another notes/document management app again.

While the desktop version is fabulous I have been struggling a little on iOS. I use a lot of links in my notes and while they do work on iOS I cant figure out how to go back to the previous note after I have jumped to the linked note. Is this possible?
A workaround could be to include a backlink in each note but its hard to anticipate from which note I would have arrived to the linked note as many notes could contain the same link to the same note. Another annoying thing is that each time I press on a link I get a warning telling me Im about to go to the linked note. Is there any way of turning this warning off?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Welcome to our community, @AntonioJr.

On the iPad you should be able to use the 〈 back button to go back. What kind of notes do you use with links? And you’re using item links inside of DEVONthink To Go to jump from note to note?

And which warning do you get? Could you post screenshot please?

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Thanks @eboehnisch.

Have included a screenshot from my ipad below and circled the link that I pressed. I’ve looked through the settings and can’t find how to disable it. It’s not a major issue I suppose as I can always click “OK” but it becomes annoying after a while.

I can’t find the back button you’re referring to. If I press back on the top menu this just takes me back to the sidebar not to the note I was previously at which is what the back button the desktop version does.

I just use links in RTF notes to link to other related notes. I just like to be able to explore the link and then quickly go back to where I was at but this doesnt appear to be possible on iOS unless I am missing something.

Thanks for your help Eric.

There should be a back navigation arrrow to the left of the slanted up/down arrows in your image. It’s not possible to tell from your image if it is missing or not? E7496BFF-CF60-44B5-BF14-7320CA89FC12

And there should be no dialog asking you to open x-devonthink-item:// links externally. Which version of iOS do you use? I’ve just tested it here on iOS 12 and 13 and it works as expected.