Good location of local sync stores (for Bonjour syncing)

Trying to set up Bonjour syncing… On the Mac side, what are good locations for the sync store (*.dtCloud file). I see three different options:

  1. On the internal hard drive of the Mac in a folder which is not synced to anywhere .
  2. In a cloud-synced folder on the Mac’s hard drive.
  3. In a folder on an always-on NAS.

Where best to put the sync file?

There isn’t a sync store with a Bonjour sync location. It’s a direct machine-to-machine connection.

Ok, but then what for is this:

Screen Shot 2023-06-16 at 14.16.40

For using a Local Sync Store, just as it says. It says nothing about Bonjour.

From the In & Out > Sync > Local Sync Store section of the Help and manual…

Aha, local syncing is not Bonjour syncing, right? Is local syncing only for macs, not for iOS?

That is correct and see the note at the bottom of the screen capture I just posted?
This stuff is all documented in several places.

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Got it. So that means Bonjour will be even simpler!

Will try it out when I’m back at home at my local network.

We all use Bonjour to some degree or another here.
I use it all the time as I like to keep my non-work data syncing under my control only.

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