Good search results appear in google, but not in DEVONagent

Well, I just searched on that string in Google and got no results: … munandu%22

try it without the parentheses

ok, that one worked but other searches on phrases are not working so, as has been suggested, there is something odd about these pages.

All I can say is that I have tested DA repeatedly against Google results and found no unexplainable omissions and that is my last word on this thread because I have to get back to doing some real work. My suggestion is that you use DA for a while and see if what I am saying is true or not in your experience.

Good luck.

Well, the next release will handle this special issue (and improve the compatibility to similar pages too).

I understand, and, since I already purchased the app, I will no doubt see for myself that DA works as advertised.

Good luck with the rest of you work, and thanks for the help! It’s this kind of service that sets DEVON-technologies apart from others. I’ve heard of this, but now I’ve found out for myself. thanks again.