Good word processors to use with DTP

I’m new to DevonThink Pro, and want to integrate tightly with word processing and other academic software. I’ve been using Word 11 for Mac, and while I’ve owned NotaBene for Windows for years, I never really mastered it.

I’m wanting to explore a new word processor for the Mac, but want to make sure that whatever tools I get are integrated (or at least play well together).

With that in mind, what opinions do folks here have about:

Nisus Writer Pro

for academic work with DTP? And might there be some other option I’m missing?
Thanks in advance for your help!

I have only been using DTP for under a week but have had no problem at all with using latest version of Pages.

Before I bought Devonthink I tried to go paperless with FileMaker.

FileMaker is a great program and was ok to use except - the containers inside FileMaker could not store .pages documents from the latest new Pages. Something to do with the structure of the files I was told by their support.

I have no problem whatsoever to store .pages or .numbers in Devonthink.

I bought NWP a while back – had a quick look, but haven’t really explored it. When I’m done with my current project, I’ll delve deeper.

My academic workflow currently involves Scrivener to do the creation, before compiling (as a final step) into MS Word. Word is merely the final step to get things into a format that 99.991% of everyone else on the planet will be able to use.

NWP looks to be incredibly powerful – but since Scrivener does all the heavy lifting, and Word only sees a few minor tweaks to formatting, I’m not really sure of how I would use NWP.

That being said – if Scrivener doesn’t feature in your workflow, and you’re creating inside a full-on Word Processor – then I would certainly recommend a look at NWP. Just be sure to clarify whether there are ever any problems with exporting the final product into the .docx format.

I’m completely with Cassady here

Scrivener is the major writing tool. The final draft goes to Word for others to be able to share, read and annotate. In my trials NWP, Pages and Scrivener both make a reason fist of comments and amendments in Word files, but Mellel is pretty hopeless. Another factor to bear in mind: what tool are you using for Citation. What works with that?

My vote goes to OmniOutliner (4) Pro.

Regarding the new .Pages format: revisit it again. Apple changed the file format again, to make it a ‘flat’ file (for iCloud Drive syncing support).

Ok thanks, just feel that I can do so much more with ONE app meaning DevonThink PRO.

I am using DT as my finder more or less since it is a great shell to store all information in.

I still like FileMaker a lot and with your new information it might work but again, I prefer to have all stuff in one bucket. Mail, Documents, pdf, and with the scripts it is so easy to do things with the information so I am sold on DT.

But thanks for the info!