Google blocking access after deep search

I’ve only just started trying to use Agent (again…) so this is probably my fault but…

I’ve just done a deep search using the Web (Deepest) search (with embedded images scanner) set on (“Chester” NOT NEAR “Nimitz”) NEAR (“WW2” OR “WWII” OR “Wartime”) and it’s chugging away merrily as I type.

While I was waiting I tried to do another Google search in Safari and was presented with the following page:

I can’t see any discussion of this on the forum, but I’m presuming it’s related to the DA search. Is this a known issue and how do I get round it? Or, more likely, what am I doing wrong?

Is the option to ignore robot instructions (see Preferences > Search) en- or disabled? Because the “Web (Deepest)” set sends only one request to Google.

That preference is disabled. I’ve looked at the help page for the preference, and I confess I don’t really understand how it would provoke or deter the blocking either way.

BTW the search is still in progress, but the block went some time ago – possibly after 10-15 minutes or so (this is a guess, I didn’t time it.)


Should the preference be disabled? If disabled it’s honoring robot instructions (correct?), so you should not have incurred the block to begin with.

TBH I don’t know – I don’t understand the option so I’m waiting to see what Christian will say I need to do in future, or if there’s a need to report this formally as a bug.

Yes, this option is disabled by default to honor instructions for robots (and therefore to avoid such issues).

OK, so since I had the option off and the error still occurred, then is it a bug or something that Google have just introduced?

If this should happen, could you please save the search via File > Save As… and send us the saved search? Then I’ll have a look at the found results and the log. Thanks!

Yes, I will do. Thanks.