Google Books search


Does DA search Google Books? Is there a plugin that does this?

Many thanks

No. But you could copy & modify an existing plugin for Google (see packages contents of DEVONagent > Contents > PlugIns).

I’m somehow failing to find this package and its contents. I can’t find the google plugin in my library under application support. Can you be more explicit about where we’d find this plugin and how we’d alter it?

Google Books is mainstream enough of an application search that it would be really useful to post such a plugin for download (or even to package it with the whole on a beta release).

I’m considering assigning DevonAgent to my seminars for graduate students at the University of Chicago, but I’m hesitating. Making plugins available for the basic academic searches – Library of Congress, JSTOR, Europeana, EEBO, ECCO, and the Making of the Modern World – would make me a lot more eager.

Jo Guldi

Select DEVONagent in the Finder, choose “Show Package Contents” in the contextual menu, then navigate to Contents > PlugIns.

thanks!! :slight_smile:

which one to copy and how to modify? Any further hint(s) :question: