Google Patents Plug in


I’m tying to adapt a first DA plugin and get knowledge about plugins development.

I started with the Google Patents plug-in shipped with DA 2.3 and since it does not work “as is” I tried to simplify/modify it (cf. my modified plugin attached).

I tested it using “positioning” (without quotes) as a keyword and got some encouraging but partial results. Several searches returned similar results.

  1. The first page (EngineUrl) is not included in the results pages.
    The Log says (in French) “Liens : 6” (I guess it corresponds to “Links : x of y” error message but I cannot resize the Error Column to see the end of the message)
    a) is there a way to resize the Error column ???
    b) The error Message explanation on the Powerpoint (p.254) is not clear to me. (I thought I was targeting only one search engine and do not understand how to characterize a blocked host. Anyway subsequent pages are properly returned so the search engine doesn’t seem to be blocked.)

  2. I got in the DA result pages a significant number of pages like … ing#jmp0 .
    Since I used a LinksMatching and read in the tutorial p.114 that “only links of the result pages matching this string are used” I did not expect anything different from a “q=*” after “patents”. Is my interpretation correct ?

Thanks for any explanations and hints you can provide in order to help me getting at speed with plugins development.

Michel (1.11 KB)

The next release will include an updated/fixed plugin. In case you’re interested in a beta, just send me an email. BTW: This release will also simplify plugin development a lot.