Google sheets and x-devonthink item

Hi folks,
I use following method for tracking mastercard / visa expenses:

  • from my bank I download the expenses for a particular month in csv
  • csv is opened in M$ Excel
  • all bills etc are scanned with scansnap and fed to DTPO (as a pdf)
  • the beauty of Devonthink is that once you copy the item-url it always remains the same, even when you rename an item
  • back in my excel sheet, I write some identification e.g ‘electricity bill’ and then make it a clickable link (cmd-k then paste the item-url)
  • this is then easy, because on any computer running both excel and dtpo these links work (as long as DB’s are synced etc)

<= I would like to port the same workflow to Google Sheets
I have found that links to

  • Evernote notes
  • iThoughts mindmap nodes
  • Tinderbox
    But I can not insert a x-devonthink item url in a google.sheet document…

I’m not sure on what level this could be tackled, Devonthechnologies or Google.
Would it be possible to have a look at this please?

Thanks for helping out!

If you have the web server edition, you could insert a direct URL into Google Sheets:

I’m not a frequent user of Google Sheets, so whether my answer is of value is up to you.

But AFAIK the document link (X-devonthink-item://...) can be used in any document on macOS, iOS or iPadOS as long as that program considers it a hyperlink. E.g. pasting the link in Notes on iPadOS and clicking it opens the corresponding document in DTTG.

Perhaps Google Sheets doesn’t consider it a link if the first characters of the URL don’t start with http, https, ftp etc.? It appears so, as pasting it into a cell results in an error where Sheets asks whether a typo was made.

Google Sheets is not a local app; it is a website or web app. Only a true URL will work from the web (see above), not an X-devonthink link.


I tried it in another Web app where I created a blank document and Safari won’t resolve the link, although you can paste the link in the Safari address bar and open the URL locally (at least on an iPad and DTTG).

Yeah, not all applications honor URL schemes, e.g., x-devonthink-item://.