google "site:" feature unusable in DA

I’ve spent a couple of hour trying to find a way to use the google “site:” feature in order to restrict results to a given website.
Unfortunately all of my attempts have been unsuccessful :

  • using the google plugin and entering a search like “site:website_url + keywords” returns nothing since DA tries to search for the keyword ‘site:website_url’ within the results
  • duplicating the google plugin and creating a new one where “as_sitesearch=website_url” is appended to the request doesn’t return anything, the log states 'links 0 of 1", but when you click on the link you can see that plenty of results are returned from this search with google
  • same if you try to enter the url for this request in the sites tab of a search set

I hope I missed something obvious because not being able to use the “site:” feature is a strong limitation in my opinion.


This topic might be related to what you’re trying to do:

Using DTP to suss out a Google search.

Much tanks for the heads up, I didn’t come across this one. Now let’s try to grab the 2.5 beta somewhere…