Got a job where mac is not allowed.


Its a sad day that i got a job offer from a compnay, which doesn’t allow personal computers and use Windows only for the security reason.

My job is still research. And I can’t imagine doing research without Devonthink. I may be able to give up Mac but really hate to give up DT.

Yesterday I downloaded DTPO (mine is DTP), and tested out Web Sharing but found quite limiting compared to the desktop version (as it might be expected). I will keep search ways to handle this situation. But, would you share any ideas/wits?

Thank you.

In a similar position with my job, but we are getting an iMac quite soon(yay). Best solution I have found is to use e.g. Evernote while at work and then sync the notes back to DTPO when you get home.

If you are a little bit technically inclined and willing to bend the rules a bit, you could consider a virtualized mac environment on your computer. I won’t say anything more about it here but it is possible and for something like DTPO, would work quite well.

Thank you for the sharing.

I tested out Evernote and Mail and think Evernote seems more versatile as you mentioned. I found a following script mentioed in DT forum. It makes more easy to get stuff into DT.

Now adding information from PC to Devnothink seems to have a solution. But how can I accomodate my desire to hit “CMD+Cntrl+S” (See Also) and “CMD+/” (Look up).
These two are my private researchers. :frowning:

I forgot to mention. Installing OSX to PC is just too much for me.


I am making a progress on this. :slight_smile:
Somehow I came across It is a remote control service. I tested it from Mac to Mac and from Pc to Mac. It works well. But, Pc to Mac needs a bit more studies because of the keyboard difference between PC and Mac.

But, I am not sure this service works over a company security wall. At least it worked well from our university computer lab PC to my home iMac. I think its promising.

So I have two options (Evernote and Remote control) for sending information (from PC) to DT (Mac). And I have an option (logmein) for See Also and Look Up.

Now… oops:
Reading pdf through the remote service wasn’t good. I wonder is there any pdf reader (in PC), which would work well with Skim. Although I make one RTF note for a PDF by the annotation template, I highlight a PDF in Skim and run the Houthakker script to get the Highlights into DT. The thing is, if I use Adobe, Skim can convert the highlights to notes, but I have to correct typos in text layers later. That requires upkeep cost and I am lazy.
Would you share your wits? :slight_smile:


Checkout Splashtop. I have tried numerous remote desktop solutions on PC and Mac and have found that Splashtop offers the most seamless experience. It is advertised as a program that allows you to stream media and even play games. I can attest that the experience is very fluid. I have tried it on my home network and on WAN and it is very good.

As for security, well there are always ways around it :smiling_imp:
Send me a PM for more details.

Thank you again rcloud.
I will keep the tip how to get around the S-wall for future reference.

About the remote desktop control, in my experience, logmein seems to work more stable than the other. If i can solve issues with splashtop, then i may do the speed test later.


Okay, my urge for finding a way to use DT in a PC is now gone.
Until I actually work in the PC environment, I will postpone my search for workarounds.
Just for a record, I came across the QDA softwares such as Atras.ti and QDAMAX something. Those two seem to be big names in PC. I haven’t tried them so i do not know how they can be compared to DT. If i really have time to test them out, I will post the result here.

Thank you.

Atlas.ti, NVivo, and most other QDA software are not comparable to DEVONthink … more accurately, it’s better to say that DEVONthink is not comparable to them. (Not to mention price. You’ll need a second mortgage for the Atlas.ti license. Perhaps your institution has a license already?)

See Qualitative Research - starting new DTP2 DB, suggestions?

I am still a student officially. The price of those QDA softwares for students are around $100. I may JUST BUY one before leaving the school. 8)

All those times/efforts to learn DT during my hectic disseration process are going to be evaporated. I just can’t accept this. :angry:

I appreciate your help in the forum. I found many times your post helpful.