Goto specific smart group from keyboard

I can use CMD+Cntl+G (Go To Group) to get a list of groups matching the characters I type in and quickly display this group. Is there something similar for Smart Groups ? I would for instance love to jump quickly to the Smart Group “Yesterday” to quickly look up files I worked on yesterday without having to resort to the mouse.

No, there is no support nor a separate mechanism for smart groups in the Go to Group panel.

Thanks - I would be grateful if development would consider this feature. Since Smart Groups are a special type of group this could be by integrating the Smart Groups into the Go to Group menu item (and short cut) or through another mechanism.

At least smart groups inside databases are already supported.

That’s true and very useful. Within a database all is well. The problem is that I find myself quite often wanting to check the latest files in all my projects across the different databases (for instance) which is a global smart group.
The Go To Group is one of my favourite commands !