Would it be possible to implement the GPS location info in DTP documents? Nowadays a lot of pictures, notes (Evernote) and other files carry those info.
Thank you!

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll consider this for future releases.

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What is the current status for this feature request? - 2019121110

Version 3 supports this, e.g. geolocation information is retrieved while importing/indexing images or importing Evernote notes. In addition, after creating new items the current geolocation is added (see Info inspector).

Is there a setting to disable this? I have no interest in saving / retaining any geo data when I’m importing from Evernote.

It took 5 to ~10 minutes for me to import less than 100 notes, and most of the time the status showed Geoloction something in the status bar… I’d like to import 10k+ notes and this is gonna take a while

This is processed in the background and shouldn’t affect the import. In addition, geolocation information is cached locally, after some time most locations should be cached and the process should be faster.

Ok… I’ll test import speed and open another thread if it’s an issue