Grabbing PDFs within DevonThink...

I may be missing something, but is there any way to copy a PDF from the DT web browser into my database without going through the download manager. In other words, once the web browser has downloaded and displayed a PDF file, where is the button to pull the PDF into my database? I assume this feature exists, but don’t know where it is…


Thank you for raising this question. I have often wanted to do the same thing.


Me too, me too! This is a often needed function here, I won’t count on the longevity of documents in the web, so I tend to save all things which are interesting for me. I don’t know why this is not an obvious choice.
BTW, for me, even the download manager doesn’t work - at least, I can’t find the requested PDF anywhere, so I have to go through DEVONagent to pull in the PDF.


Yes, there is a way. If you are viewing a PDF document in DT Pro’s browser, select DT Pro’s Scripts > Import > Save PDF to DT Pro from URL. The PDF will be named “rename me”.

Be advised that the PDF will be saved into the ‘body’ of the database, rather than into the database Files folder. Adding a lot of big PDFs this way will tend to increase the memory requirements for the database. That problem will go away when DT Pro 2.0 is released.

Also remember this works just for PDFs, not for converting an HTML page into PDF. If you want to do the latter, press Command-P. When the Print panel appears, click on the PDF button and select Save to DEVONthink Pro script.scpt.

Also remember that if you convert a page to PDF you don’t retain the working hyperlinks. If you need to do that and preserve the page contents, it’s best to capture it as a Web Archive or select all and capture as rich text.

Hi Bill

I don’t have such a script. Are you sure it’s included in the normal distribution of DT Pro?


Oops! Sorry. That’s the problem with generally working with betas. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure whether the script I mentioned is part of the beta set, or whether I picked it up from a Scripts thread on the forum. If the former, it’s coming – if the latter, you might search for PDF in the Scripts topic area.

But many of the PDFs that I download have bookmarks and hyperlinks and I like to preserve those. So when I come up with a PDF in the DT Pro browser window I usually click in the URL address to open it in my default browser and do a Save As to a folder that’s got an attached Folder Actions script that imports it to DT Pro.